About the Author

Navnish K. Khera is an educator with a Master’s in English and Education. She has worked with developmentally delayed students. Her former students say that they are really fond of her and claim that she is one of their favorite teachers. She is a mother to a 6-year-old daughter who is an inspiration for her writing. Her daughter, Parinaaz, is the best critic of her stories.

In her spare time, the author enjoys baking and painting. Her passions for learning and teaching are the inspirations behind her writing and engaging stories for young children. She also writes stories which have meaning and purpose.

She and her husband, both know that life’s little value lessons are the key to character development, which will help children become valuable members of society. Children are not born with a pre-programmed software to help them learn about life. They must be nurtured and brought up in such a way that they grow up to be confident, helpful and inspiring human beings.

“The Being Series” will prove to be a great tool/book to nurture the joy of reading by instilling good habits in children. The “Being Series” helps to facilitate the following lessons: good manners,
helpfulness, courteousness, kindness, thriftiness, respectfulness, and honesty. These are the core values to be learned at an early age.

The author shares her message of character development in ” The Being Series” with children, parents, grandparents, families, and friends. Given the modern and fast-paced lifestyles of today, these lessons must not be ignored or overlooked. “The Being Series” contains all the necessary building blocks in each book and product from “Bird Ink Publishing”.

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