About Me

Navnish is a yoga aficionado, obsessed with everything “natural”, who loves to dance away her worries in the rain of happiness.

She loves to paint her life canvas with beautiful moments of fun, frolic and lively times spent with family and friends. 

She is kind and generous as long as someone doesn’t get the Lioness in her out with their arrogance.  

Her kitchen is her happy place to unleash her creative aspirations.


My Books

Storytelling is a powerful tool for behaviour change and developing emotional intelligence.

Help your child to express kindness and compassion towards others, using the art of storytelling.

If you value raising strong yet kind children who help each other and treat one another with respect, then the books in "The Being Series" are for you.

They will prove to be a great tool to nurture the joy of reading by helping children to modify their behaviour and in turn make them more confident, strong and happy individuals.



Contact Me

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