Back to school Book Giveaway

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School is just around the corner and I have teamed up with an amazing group of authors to share these free, fun and uplifting books with you!

These books entertain as they educate and encourage children for the upcoming school year. They highlight themes of social-emotional skills, perseverance, focus, kindness, compassion, confidence, empathy, coping skills, resilience and more!


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Being Calm: Flutterpie’s Yoga Adventures and Mindful Mantras

by Navnish Kaur Khera

Squeaky needs help when she’s bullied, so Flutterpie helps her out! Using yoga, she learns to stay calm and be more assertive. That bully isn’t going to make Squeaky feel badly ever again! Can the butterflies convince the bully to join them?

My Sister’s Super Skills: Introducing Kid-Friendly Social and Emotional Skills

by Lauren Mosback

When Lily observes her brother feeling frustrated, sad, and irritable, she quickly shows him some useful tips and tricks to help him feel better. Will Lily’s super skills be enough to save the day?

Focused Ninja: A Children’s Book About Increasing Focus and Concentration at Home and School

by Mary Nhin

Whenever Focused Ninja had a task to do, or if he set his mind on accomplishing something, he had a remarkable way of staying focused until it was complete. But Focused Ninja didn’t always have this wonderful capacity to concentrate. Once upon a time, he could lose his attention quite easily. Find out what happens in this comedic book about improving one’s focus and attention.

I Belong (Mini Mindful Mantras Book 1)

by Laurie Wright

‘I Belong’ is the first in the Mini Mindful Mantras series, and shows young readers clearly that everyone belongs in an easy to understand way. Readers will add ‘I belong’ to their self-talk, and learn to believe it as they grow up.

B is for Breathe: The ABCs of Coping with Fussy and Frustrating Feelings

by Melissa Boyd

From the letter A to the letter Z, B is for Breathe celebrates the many ways children can express their feelings and develop coping skills at an early age. Fun, cute, and exciting illustrations, this colorful book teaches kids simple ways to cope with fussy and frustrating emotions.

Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff: an empowering children’s book about responsibility

By Stacey C Bauer

Is there such a thing as TOO much stuff? Cami Kangaroo doesn’t think so! Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff provides parents with advice and tips to help guide their children as they learn to declutter their space and find peace in their surroundings.

Super Max and the Math Menace

by Heather E Robyn

Super Max must help her friends overcome their test anxiety and take down the math menace one problem at a time. Will she make it in time to save the day and help her friends pass the math test?

Oliver West! It’s Time to Get Dressed!

by Kelly Louise

Teaching Kids About Having Routines and Gaining Independence. When Oliver sees his friends playing outside, he can’t wait to join them. But something is standing in his way . . . his pajamas!

Samson’s Tail

by Mercy Hansen Mize

As a puppy, Samson spent time on the streets and in shelters when all he wanted was forever family. His life changes in a big way when he enters a prison dog training program and meets his handler, Trevor. Will Trevor help Samson find the love he has always wanted?

Cutie Sue Wins the Race: Children’s Book on Sports, Self-Discipline and Healthy Lifestyle

By Kate Melton

Cutie Sue, an adorable little girl, finds out that her school is about to organize a fun running competition that she definitely wants to win. Yet, her road to victory wouldn’t be an easy one. Will Sue manage to become the winner of the race?



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