Being Calm: Flutterpie's Yoga Adventures and Mindful Mantras

Being Calm Flutterpie's Yoga Adventure And Mindful Mantras -  Provide A Handy Kid-Friendly Introduction To Mindfulness And Yoga – Use Breath With Movement Accompanied By Affirmations To Restore A Sense Of Calm And Control - Develop Social, Emotional, And Problem Solving Skills.

* AMAZING! Positive affirmations (mindful mantras) enable you to help in building your child's self-esteem and positive outflow of energy through positive self-talk... it's never been easier.

* NEW! Guided visualization provides you the ability to decrease stress and anxiety and balance their mind, body, and heart – Effortlessly.

* UNIQUE! The captivating, informative and engaging story gives you the power to develop social, emotional and problem-solving skills - With Ease

* EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! –“Mindful Mantras for Everyday Poster” ensures, you can use it to remind your kids; how wonderful they are and help them to be more assertive and confident in one easy step.

If you want to build your child's self-esteem and the positive outflow of energy through positive self-talkdecrease stress and anxiety and balance their mind, body, and heart and use breath with movement accompanied by affirmations to restore a sense of calm and control.... then this is the most important children's book you'll ever purchase!

Being Calm Flutterpie's Yoga Adventure and Mindful Mantras is an amazing new children's book that helps every parent, teacher, counselor, librarian to provide a handy kid-friendly introduction to mindfulness and yoga. Thus, developing social, emotional, and problem-solving skills.

Grab your copy today to empower kids to understand and channelize their emotions and experience the transformative effects of mindfulness and Yoga!




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