How to get Fussy eaters to eat? 

As a parent, one of the most important things we do is to help our children learn healthy eating habits. We need to start with healthy eating habits early on in life is important.

Step 1: Involve kids in meal preparation: 
Plan your meals with kids, get them involved in shopping for groceries, cooking, meal planning, serving and cleaning up. This can take a bit longer and maybe a bit more frustrating, but the benefits are huge and it’s worth it. Try to stock your fridge and pantry with healthy nutritious foods and keep the junk out. Help them learn skills to make their own meals – a veggie sandwich with hummus can be a good way to start.

Step 2: Set healthy eating boundaries:

• Don’t push your kids to eat fast or finish everything on their plates.
• Make mealtime a family bonding time, let them eat themselves and at their own pace.
• Eat mindfully without any distractions of any gadgets such as T.V, Phones or Ipads.
• Feed them 3 main meals and help them limit their snacking so that they do not overeat as not to feel hungry for their next meal.

Remember to be creative with meals – a cookie cutter for a sandwich, fruits, etc. Carrot/cucumber sticks with hummus/avocado dip for a snack can go a long way in getting them to eat healthily.

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