How to make your kids more positive, peaceful, strong, and self-confident?


We as parents have a huge impact on our kids’ behaviour.

How we treat others has a huge impact on our kids. They follow what they see, they will quickly catch your actions and throw them at us in an unexpected situation and you are left to find out where that came from?

If we want them to be kind, peaceful and strong-minded individuals oozing out with confidence in themselves, we need to do more than just telling them what to do?

Help them shape their behaviours by helping them identify ways to overcome their Fears and prepare them for taking on Challenges in their lives as they grow.

  1. First and foremost is to help them find a means of catharsis to release their bottled up feelings and use these means when they feel overwhelmed. This can be done by identifying the activities (other than the use of gadgets) your kids enjoy like painting, drawing, music, dancing, reading, journal writing, etc. For this, as parents, we need to make sure they get some time allotted to these activities every day. Some activities like journal writing can be incorporated every day for 15 mins.
  2. Right Bedtime routine is key to a good start for the day: Going to bed early is important for kids to feel fresh and energised the whole day. If we set an early bedtime routine to give them at least 8-10 hrs of sleep (depending on the age) there would be no rush in the mornings (no anxiety for parents too). This way they can be trained to

Get Up and Get Dressed without creating a fuss.


Remember it takes 7 days to get into a routine so be patient and let this routine become a habit. After a month they should probably be doing it all by themselves.

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