Empowered Minds: Mindfulness and Well-Being


Aims of the program:


Reduce and minimize the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Develop mindfulness skills early in life

Nurture 7 foundations of well-being.

Empower kids and families to self manage and regulate their emotions.

Introduce mindfulness exercises and reduce the effects of anxiety and stress and finally eliminate them.

Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills.

Teach a range of coping techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

Teach the basic theory of mindfulness and its effect on the brain to counter anxiety and stress.

What you will learn:

Different ways to integrate mindfulness practice into your lives.

7 dimensions of well-being and why they are important for a balanced healthy mind and body.

What is stress and stress trigger? and how to calm down?

How worry affects the body?

Creating a holistic lifestyle based on the 7 dimensions of well-being?

Introduction to basic yoga psychology and its effect on our body and emotions.

Power of nonviolence in dealing with ourselves and our environment.

Cultivate a positive growth mindset.

Guided visualization for relaxation and sleep.




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This program is based on Mindfulness and Seven dimensions of well-being for reducing stress, anxiety and increasing resilience.

The Program Structure:

7 Modules



Guided meditation

Meditation Scripts