Getting a balanced perspective and why it is important?

Patience is the Key to get your children to follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 
It is imperative for kids to eat right and get them involved in a physical activity like cycling, swimming or yoga. Engaging kids in a yoga session will help them be more focused, calm and sleep better.
Yoga for kids can have huge benefits as it involves their mind, body, and soul to be in a state of balance. Apart from providing strength and balance to kids, yoga helps them grow emotionally strong and physically active which in turn would help them make healthy food choices.

As a wrap up for these 3 part series, I wanted to mention the concerns parents have regarding putting this information to practice. Someone told me that their kids do not eat healthy food even if she gets creative with the presentation. I want to mention one important point here- a good presentation is only one part of the bigger picture. For a balanced life, we need to help our children be regular with
1) Sleep
2) Healthy Diet
3) Exercise
But to get them to do all the above we need to provide that environment in which they feel they have the right to choose and participate in decision making with adults.

Let us help them Learn to Balance.

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